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About Us

Shop Located at 239 Adelaide Street, Maryborough.

With over 13 years experience in the mobile phone repair industry you can rest assured that your device is in the best possible hands. We stand by our level of work and quality of our parts that ALL repairs are covered with a 12 month, hassle free warranty as standard.

Technology is ever evolving and we are always keen to see what is next! Our constant research and revision into the mobile phone and device market is what helps us stand out from the crowd. We are happy to help with any software issues and also specialise in data recovery services.

Fraser Coast Phone Repairs has the latest in diagnostic equipment and will continue to invest in new and improved technology so we can accurately diagnose and complete all types of phone repairs, making sure our customers walk away with that great 'new phone feeling'.

Whether you own an iPhone or Samsung or bucked the norm and went with an LG, Sony or HTC we can help you! All smartphones and devices including iPods, iPads and tablets are repairable. Contact us now for a quote!


Tablet Repairs

From iPads to Samsung Tabs and everything in between, we can replace screens, batteries, buttons and switches. Any problem, with any tablet is able to be fixed. Don't let your iPad turn into an iHad. We can fix what your beloved children (or you) have broken.


Fraser Coast Phone Repairs

It is our policy to only use the highest quality parts available on the market for all model devices and brands. From iPhones and Samsungs to HTC, Sony and LG, tablets and iPads to iPods and smart watches, we have you covered.

Mobile phones today are more than just a means for communication. They are our calendars, recipe books, family photo albums, mood lifters, gaming devices and event planners. The leading smartphones of today cost more than our first car and we believe they deserve the best replacements parts so we cover all our repairs with a hassle free, 12 month warranty.

The majority of components in smartphones and devices are repairable; from screens, back housings and batteries to charge ports, home buttons and switches. We repair water damaged phones and offer data recovery services.


If you have any questions or if you would like to book a repair in over the phone instead please give us a call on 0416 878 464.